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Compassionate Legal Representation for the Injured

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Seattle and Tacoma Personal Injury Attorneys Pursue Full Compensation for Injured People

Providing high-quality representation for injured persons throughout the Puget Sound and all of  Washington State

Seattle Personal Attorney-  If you have been injured by another’s negligence whether in a car accident, slip-and-fall, by a defective product or service, or other injuries Callahan Law, P.S., Inc. can help by providing the following:

Seattle Personal Injury Attorney | Callahan Law, P.S., Inc.

  1. Communications: We listen to and care about our clients. We keep them informed; calls, texts, and emails are promptly returned. We articulately persuade and communicate with juries, judges, and our opponents to present our clients’ cases in the best possible light.
  2. Guidance: There are important things an injured person should do immediately following the incident, after seeking appropriate medical care. We provide personalized guidance for each client so that together, we can build the strongest case possible.
  3. Technical Expertise: We exercise our skills and judgment based on knowledge, research and our combined 30+ years of experience as trial lawyers.
  4. Creative Perseverance: A successful outcome is often determined by the level of creativity engaged and the perseverance of the team. Our focus is on finding creative solutions to problems and on persevering until the battle is won.

Let us help you get on the road to peace of mind and recovery

At Callahan Law, P.S., Inc., we handle a variety of personal injury cases:

  • Auto accidents.  If you’ve been injured in an Auto accident or as a pedestrian count on us to obtain fair compensation for injuries, medical expenses, lost wages and other losses.
  • Motorcycle accidents.  Motorcycle accidents are typically very traumatic, causing severe injuries.  We battle the misconceptions about bikers often noted by insurance companies by substantiating your case and pursuing the maximum possible compensation.
  • Trucking accidents.  Truck accidents occur for many different reasons, including due to drivers who have neglected to take their required rest breaks and trucking companies who do not properly maintain their vehicles. Our attorneys understand the regulations trucking companies and drivers must follow, aside from the laws that apply to all persons in Washington, and we use this knowledge to hold trucking companies and their insurance providers accountable.
  • Slip and fall incidents.  Property owners have a duty maintain a safe environment for those invited upon their property. We seek recovery for those who have been injured by a Slip and fall due to an unsafe condition while on another’s property.
  • Other serious injuries.  Whether you’ve swallowed a foreign substance in food you’ve purchased that has caused injury and medical expenses, or have been injured by another person’s dangerous dog or other animal, we hold responsible entities accountable for your injuries and expenses.

Being injured is emotionally and physically exhausting.   We certainly cannot change what happened but we can take much of your wSeattle Personal Injury Attorneys | Callahan Law, P.S., Inc.orries off your shoulders and work hard to see that you are made whole again.

Call our Tacoma and Seattle personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to no fault of their own, call the personal injury lawyers at Callahan Law, P.S., Inc. today. Call us at 206-866-6739 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation at our Seattle or Tacoma office. We look forward to helping you get the compensation you need.


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