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My experience with Callahan Law – Anonymous

Although I did not work directly with Linda Callahan, I did have the pleasure in working with Callahan Law attorney Stephen Grant. My experience with Callahan Law was nothing short of amazing. I felt completely confident in the support I was given throughout my case. Stephen did a really thorough job with finding every point and detail that would benefit me in my situation and he took the time to effectively communicate with me on multiple fronts. He is very skillfully talented in what he does as an attorney and I feel very lucky to have crossed paths with him during a tough time in my life. I can positively walk away from my resolved case knowing that I received the best possible outcome. I am truly thankful.

Wow, just freakin wow. – Brian

Not only did they win my case for me but Stephen Grant made everything so simple and easy to understand not to mention that the outcome of my case was SIGNIFICANTLY better than I could have hoped. Really sincerely top notch service in every aspect of the word. Not that I hope to ever need his help again but I would call Callahan Law without a shadow of a doubt. Literally thanks a million Mr. Grant.

Very good – Bill

The resolution was very, very favorable considering the circumstances. Every case has strengths & weaknesses and these were dealt with handily. To my relief, I did not feel like a cog or lost in a busy “maximize profit ” machine. Plus & very importantly, other groups brought into the process were honest as well (to my relief). Thank-you Linda, I’d call on you again.

Great Lawyer – M.V.

She helped me with presenting the case and ultimately getting a verdict in my favor.Throughout the case, she showed empathy and understanding. She kept me continuously updated on the case.She is highly knowledgeable and I would recommend her to anybody needing help in this area.

Exceeded my expectations – wonderful law firm! – Dung

Thank you for the wonderful level of service. I am again very pleased with your level of professionalism and keeping me informed throughout the process. It means that world, and I cordially appreciate it. I’ve dealt with too many attorney who perform exceptionally until after the point in which I signed the contract, so it’s a stark contrast. I’m an indeed a satisfied client. Should I need legal services again, I will seek you out. And I will send referrals your way as opportunities arise.

Professional and Empathic – Anonymous

Ms. Callahan is an outstanding professional. From the moment I contacted her office (on a weekend), I received timely, courteous, and personal replies concerning every aspect of my case. I am impressed with Ms. Callahan’s staff; her office manager is highly organized and communicates information both in writing and over the telephone at every juncture of the process. I was made to feel like a unique individual, not a faceless entity or case number; Ms. Callahan is both a compassionate human being and a formidable attorney who clearly has earned the respect of her colleagues and who is meticulous in her strategies. Ms. Callahan is very sensitive to the ways in which a legal case profoundly affects one’s personal and professional life, and never fails to offer support and encouragement along the way. I am very happy with the outcome of my case and would highly recommend Ms. Callahan to anyone. I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Great attorney who knows the law – Anonymous

I want to thank Linda and the team for helping me out on my case and the result. In a stressful time,Your team did an awesome job of making me comfortable keeping me aware of what to do,expect,and what needs to happen.If I had a question, you would respond in promptly.great attorney woulI really appreciate everything you have done.
I hope I never have to use you again for something like this but I what I “WILL DO” is highly recommend your team to help any family,friends,or associates.
Thanks again…

Amazing & Professional – Anonymous

Thanks to Ms. Callahan’s expertise I was able to arm myself with the knowledge needed to impress the presiding judge to my favor. She poses everything one would want in a lawyer – tough, intelligent, knowledgeable and extremely professional – but, she also possess a lot of empathy and emotional support to help you through a tough time.

Peace of mind – Earl

I was always impressed with Linda Callahan’s (and legal team) professionalism. Linda was always forthright and straight forward yet she put my mind at ease. Linda Callahan’s effort was impressive and payed off. I,m very happy with the results. Thank You

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